Gallery of Anne Cotterill Fine Art Flower Prints and Fine Art Cards.

Hellebores with Silver - Flower Greetings Card A-R085Briar Roses. Giclée Print on Canvas LCP-019 by Anne CotterillNarcissi with Lilac. Limited Edition Print LE-67Oxeye Daisies with Grasses. Greetings Card A-R062Wild White Roses and Honeysuckle. OE-007 by Anne CotterillNew Dawn Roses. Blank or Birthday Card A-0054Pink Roses. Giclée Print on Canvas LCP-014. By Anne CotterillDaffodils. Giclée Print on Canvas LCP-021 by Anne CotterillSnowdrops with Catkins and Ivy - Greetings Card A-0001Michaelmas Daisies. Greetings Card C-0059Oriental Poppies. Blank / Birthday Greetings Card A-R063Marigolds. Limited Edition Print LE-072


Mill House Fine Art Publishing Ltd was created by Anne Cotterill and her daughter Catherine to specialise making faithful reproductions of Anne Cotterill's flower art, both as limited edition fine art prints and greetings cards. The cards and prints are available to purchase from our online SHOP

Anne considered herself to be a painter first and foremost, but one who painted mostly flowers. Her studies have a fresh vitality and strong sense of colour imbuing each one with a gem-like quality. The flowers are arranged informally in one of a large collection of vases, pots, jugs and simple jam jars and she painted with the natural light falling from one direction to give tonal values so important in any painting. Her detailed understanding of botany was combined with a focus on light and texture that gives her work great presence and feeling of movement. 

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